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petasitis in my back garden


I have three pages with garden links, one of them gardens.html is with links to Dutch gardening pages, this page is international and on the third page I have some newsgroups and mailinglists.

FAQ's, databases and Archives

Auswahl nach Pflanzenname 
BBC Online : Gardening -
Carnivorous Plants FAQ
FAQ -- rec.gardens.ecosystems
FAQ Regarding Seeds
International code of botanical names
The Gardening Archive
The WWW Virtual Library

Ecological gardening
HDRA's HomePage
Ecoland tech
Focus on permaculture
Rodale Press
rec.gardens.ecosystem homepage
EARTH-KIND Gardening
Bio dynamic Farming association
Introduction to permaculture
Org. Farming Res. Foundation

Horticulture Science at Ohio State Univ.
The WWW Virtual Library: Forestry

Some More European gardens
ARD Ratgeber
British Trees
Garden web
La Main Verte (Fr.)
The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Poisonous Plants Canadian Poisonous Plant Information System
Cornell University
North Carolina State University
Plants Toxic to Animals
Poisonous Plants Page
Plant toxidity

Pests and diseases Biocontrol
Fruit patology
Natural Pests control Center
Non-toxic Pest Management

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