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Internet en Computers

General Links

Sophos Anti-virus java icon generator
register a domain Niet Nederlands
siteLevel voorheen What you Seek
Stichting Internet Domein Registratie Nederland
The JavaScript Source Cut & Paste JavaScript Library
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AUVICOM Technologies Flash
Compaq Nederland Compaq PC's
Driver-Drivers Windows95-98 Complete Driver Hardware Search
eXTReMe Tracking  
Trust Computer Products On-line  
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Favorite HTML etc

Any browser Com how does your page look and work with other browsers?
Questions on internet  whatis picespecially good for Newby's
TIDY up your generated homepage Tidy is a small program which can be downloaded
W3C HTML Validation Service  
World Wide Web Initiative This is a place to remember and come back to very often. Latest standards for html, css etc. etc. to be found here.
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Favorite Search engines

A fuzzy search in the Netherlands PIC
Google gives terrific results
Google search NL  
Ilse the Dutch search engine NL
more search-engines further down  
Yahoo US
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Favorite Software

Ethereal network-protocol analyses
Hijack this  
Merijn org several more security tools freeware
Snapfiles download portal for free- share- software
Reviews Get the inside scoop on software and services for webmasters
Zone Labs - Zonealarm Its free for personal and non-profit use!

Favorite information services

and directories

NL Menu NL
Startpagina NL
Yahoo US
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Welcome to Privacy Foundation  
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Favorite netware &


I prefer Novell pic version 6.0
NLLGG Nederlandse Linux gebruikers groep
Linux VogelSoft Homepage van alles, ook Linux (rug)
Novell Gebruikersgroep tegenwoordig ook Linux en MS
Novell Support Connection  
The Mozilla web site  
Firefox browser  
Opera browser  
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Internet & computers

Abuse net fights against spam
Anonymizer for your privacy
Cramsessions to become a MCSE Internet cyber cafes guide all over the world. .
De Digitale FAN de digitale revolutie
Internet FAQ Archives  
Surf op Safe  
Telecommunication terms (USA)  
Underground News - Hacking  
Virus alert NL de laatste virus informatie
VuurWerk Internet About registering domains in the Netherlands
Web-Counter Home Page  
Welcome to Spectrum Virtual University!  
Whois Database (Ripe query)  
World Wide Web Org  
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Searchengines & guides

/ Zoekmachines humans who assemble mini-sites
Advalvas (BE)  
Aladin - deutschsprachiger Suchindex  
Alta Vista offers efficient Web search
Britannica adds human judgment to searching
CNet . Also see their combines computer news, reviews, software and services
Dogpile offers simultaneous searches
Excite's concept searching is highly effective
Fast Search  
ForumOne One-stop guide to forum topics
Information at CERN  
Internet Address Finder  
Ixquick searches multiple search engines
Liszt will help you find Internet mailing lists
Looksmart searches a selection of sites chosen by humans
Maktzoeker NL zoeken naar koopjes op internet
Metacrawler simultaneous searches of multiple Web search engines
Northern Light categorizes search
People Yahoo Directory  
ProFusion simultaneous searches of multiple Web search engines  
Tile.Net will help you find Internet mailing lists
Vinden (NL)  
Webbel (Belgie)  
WebCrawler Searching  
Yahoo guide and free-text searching
Zoek (NL)  
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Other Software

Agent: Downloading Free Agent Great newsreader
Anfy Java Developer Page
Asp free free information on asp programming  
Cosmo Software software downloads
Freshmeat org scripts and programs catalogue
hotscripts com catalogue links to thousands of scripts
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor startpage
Tucow: Ultimate Winsock Collection General tucows download center
Welcome to RealMedia !  
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fractalus downloads
Mind-Boggling Fractals, A Fractals Generator Program _ 3D Appearance
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Java & javascripts

  includes over 50 different JavaBeans all aimed at making life easier for Java programmers. The JavaBeans, can be downloaded, for FREE, and used to develop Java applets or applications
Developers Virtual Library  
Focus on Java of articles about Java, as well as a slew of links to everything Java related (books, tutorials, FAQ's, newsgroups etc.)
Focus on JavaScript Organized links to thousands of JavaScripts and tutorials
FreewareJava starting point to everything Java on the net. Here you'll find direct links to free Java applets of all types, Java tutorials, references, articles, and everything in between.
HotWired relating to JavaScript nice site
JARS points you to the best Java applets on the Internet
Java FAQs of FAQ's relating to Java programming
Javalobby dedicated to Java
Javascript City scripts, tutorials, documentation, and more.
JavaScript Resources  
JavaWorld devoted to Java
ScriptSearch engine. You can look for JavaScripts, Perl scripts and more
The Web Developers Virtual Library  
Website Abstraction  
Website Abstraction Tutorials and lots of great scripts for the taking. A very well done site
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CGI City collection of very useful CGI Scripts which you can implement on your site
CGI Resource Index thousands of programs, information about CGI-Script related books, jobs, and tutorials
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Bratta those interested in DHTML. Demos, How to's, scripts and links
DynamicDrive done site about DHTML that includes dozens of free DHTML scripts for your own use
HTML Goodies tutorials, Java Goodies, and a collection of 400 free images. If you want to learn HTML this is the site to visit.
Page Tutor Com tutorials, resources
ScriptSearch HTML & DHTML
The Web Developers Virtual Library Everything about HTML
WDN that includes tutorials, FAQs, Tools and articles
WWW Consortium the body responsible for standardizing HTML
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A-1 Icon Archive web graphics, including icons, backgrounds, animated gifs, clip art, and more. The site offers a large choice of free letters, numbers and punctuation signs, which you can use to spell out anything on your site
Boogiejack various graphics and fonts.
CoolArchive >of 800+ fonts, 4000+ icons, hundreds of animation's, backgrounds, html tips, and much more. Plus an online button maker and logo generator to create your own graphics!
Elated Freebies zip files full of various buttons to use for your own website, website templates and much more
Flash pagina Nederland  
FreeGraphics of rated, reviewed, and organized links to graphic archives
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Dynamic Drive DHTML (dynamic html) code library!
Jaguarwoman's Webgraphics Jaguarwoman Web Design unique webgrap
OutWorld Arts Complete Web Design HTML Tutorials, Javascript and Web Design
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
Windy's Design Studio Free backgrounds, web design, graphics, Windows themes, HTML tips, java
ZDNet Home Page


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