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Pet's page

pagina in het Nederlands

Sofie / Sofia

Sofia, my own cat, here warming herself in a low,wintry sun, is usually called Sofie. She came to live with us in 1997 when she was four years old. Her owners did not want her any more since they had a new baby.

Coming from the city and being rather shy it took her a couple of years to get accustomed to living in the country.

Sofie's story

In the beginning when Sofie had just come to live with us, she was terribly sudued by the other animals, even by the chickens. Later they became friends and she started sleeping in the chicken-peg in the straw.

Of course there are a lot of mice there .......

She often lives outside the house in her own cathouse.

Since we have an antiquarian shop, of course she likes books ........It is her duty in our family to catch the mice and rats and to guard the books.

She is very good at it



Sofie in 2005 She is the kind of cat that likes to talk to you and she will understand everything you say as well. This is what she looked like in 2005: 12years old and still as lifely and fit as a youngster.


Goats This is Tamara with the goats.

Although the goats are no longer there, I like the picture so much I decided to keep it on this page.

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