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The Blue Earth

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The Netherlands

Groningen North


This is where I live: 53° 19' N 6° 49' E, the most northern province of the Netherlands, a wide landscape of mostly farmland and a green area with open views and grey-blue distances.

This land has a long history of human occupation, often fierce and bloody.

But this land is also the border of earth and water , a magical and rich land, inhabited by humans, flora and fauna for thousands of years, before our more recent forefathers conquered it and reclaimed large parts of it from the sea.

In summer we canoe long distances on our rivers which are old sea-arms (Maren) and in winter we skate on them. And, of course, all year we ride on our bicycles on roads that follow the old "high places" through the land.

What does it mean

"De Blauwe Aarde "is the name of my shop, as well as the name of my house. It is the name of these internet pages as well.   In English its meaning is "The Blue Earth " but also "The Blue Planet".  It refers to the color of the heavy clay soil in the Northern part of Groningen which is steel-blue. Here my home and my garden reside in a small village. The name also refers to this part of the Netherlands seen from the sky. It is a lovely blue/green country.......

Groningen city The capital of my province, is an old city with a lot of young folk to make it very lively.  Visit the modern, incomparable and unforgettable  Gemeente Museum made by Mendini.  

From there take a small detour along the "Gedempte Zuiderdiep " and visit one of the many antiqueshops, or  visit one of the antiquarian bookshops in this town. 

Discover all the new exiting buildings that have appeared here during the last couple of years and then enjoy a good glass of country beer in one of the pubs.

Herbs and gardening I am interested in herbs and gardening, in old books and new technology and so I am always busy.

On the subject of herbs and gardening I have published several pages and articles in magazines on the internet during the last 15 years

On this Site you can find my herb-table and the meaning of Flowers. And of course a page on my own garden in all the seasons

Yolanda's pages this image will take you to pages about myself
De pages on Oosterwijtwerd moved to their own domain

WorkSince 1987 I have anIT-related job and design and update webpages professionally. De Blauwe aarde was my first webdesign, which included a database as well, then came a large number of small websites.
I have been designing fractals and mandala's as well. these can be bought as posters, be free to see some of them on my Fractal art page.

Internet StoryI am on the internet since 1993. At first access was only possible via a bulletin board, then in 1994 the internet opened for all people with Xs4all and worldaccess. In spring 1996 I started the Dutch Gardening Newsgroup called nl.tuinen. If your provider does not have newsgroups you can read this gardening group at Google. There is a FAQ - in Dutch

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