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Groninger Land


I am interested in nature and one of the nice things of living in the Northern Part of Groningen are the wide open skies and spaces, where in Spring and Autumn all the migrating birds seem to pass. My village is located near the wetlands called "De Wadden".

Sometimes I go bird-watching in the Eemshaven or in the Lauwersmeer but more often in the Coenraad Polder which has no homepage, maybe because there are hardly any people living there (grin) and it is on the out-most edge of this country, far from crowds. 

There are about 70 Deer living in this Northern part of the province and almost every day on my way to my job in Groningen-city I meet some of them. 

The unspoiled island "Schiermonnikoog" -in the wetlands - which has seal colonies and many other natural attractions, is linked by ferry to Lauwersoog and this little port is linked both to Leeuwarden and Groningen by bus. If you want to stay on the island you must book a camping or hotel in advance. 

Groningen City

Groningen city has some good architecture. One of the new places is the building of the N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie , a gastrading company. Its silhouette dominates the skyline when you arrive by car from Leeuwarden or Assen .The link I mentioned here takes you on a tour of the head-office in Groningen, (with many pictures!!). If you want to visit this building in real life, make a note to make a reservation at least a year ahead, it is so popular (!) 

The new Groninger Museum -already mentioned on my index-page- is opposite the station, housed in an ultramodern building with an eye-catching yellow tower. You can't miss it when you arrive by train! Indeed, if you want to go to the centre of the town you will cross the bridge opposite the station and go right past this museum. 

The heart of the town is called the "Grote Markt" and is dominated by the 13th century "Martinikerk". The 16th century paintings in the choir are worth of note, the ornate "Martinitoren" which is 97 m high can be climbed. Its 49 bell carillon is renowned. All roads in Groningen used to lead to Groningen-city and particularly to this Martini-tower. You can still see it from far away when you visit by car. 

Groningen has several colleges and a university.  And of course Groningen has its own Digital City on the Web. (There is however very little in English on their links).

For music lovers:  Vera in Groningen

Groninger LanguageThe Groninger language is one of the Low Saxon languages still surviving.  Above I have already mentioned GRUNNEN's LAID and if you like to hear it sung, open this page




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